Photo galleries and travel articles by Erik Pontoppidan

Photo Galleries and travel articles

Selected photos and travel articles, especially from my numerous travels

Photos & text: Erik Pontoppidan, Copenhagen, Denmark.

From the Olgas (Kata Tjuta), close to Ayers Rock, central Australia.

The following photos are selected from my numerous travels. Since I am an enthusiastic trekker, you will find sceneries from several mountains and other landscapes only accessible for hikers.
Some of the photos are part of articles and pages connected to my english and danish main home pages. Please click on them in the sub-menues.
If nothing else is mentioned, the article is in English.

  • Selected photos from the Danish countryside and Copenhagen

  • Photos from Nakskov - a town on the island of Lolland in southern Denmark - visited autumn 2017   (text in Danish)

  • Visiting Southern Sahara in Algeria in March, 2017   (text in Danish)

  • Visiting Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), with its surprising mountain landscapes, in January, 2017   (text in Danish)

  • Trekking in the fjords of Eastern Greenland in the Ammassalik area. Photos and thoughts from my Greenlandic photo archive   (text in Danish)

  • Visit to Riga, the capital of Latvia, in September 2016   (text in Danish)

  • Madeira revisited in June 2016   (text in Danish)

  • A different Afghanistan. Impressions and photos from Afghanistan in the late 1960's

  • Cabo Verde - Las islas en el paraiso en el invieno Danés   (text in Spanish)

  • The challenge of freedom. Impressions from voluntary work in India March-April 2013

  • New Zealand - the land at the end of the world. Impressions and photos from a visit in January- February 2013

  • New York - my first visit to God's own country

  • Photos and impressions from a cruise with Hurtigruten – the world's most beautiful sea voyage

  • In search of The Canary Islands

  • Illustrated article from a visit to Ecuador in October2010   (text in Danish)

  • Illustrated article from a trek in The Pyrenees in summer 2010   (text in Danish)

  • Illustrated article from a visit to Auschwitz in Poland in July 2010   (text in Danish)

  • Landscapes of Cuba. In search of the soul of Cuba through photos and descriptions in 2010.  

  • Kathmandu, October 2009 - a snapshot from the capital of Nepal  

  • A tribute to the Indian railways!  

  • From Beijing to Delhi via Tibet and Nepal. Photos and articles from an incredible journey
    through Central and South Asia in autumn 2009
      (text in Danish)

  • Impressions from a visit to Minsk in Belarus May 2009   (text in Danish)

  • Photos from a trip to the Canary island La Palma March 2009   (text in Danish)

  • Photos from a cruise and trekking in Croatia in September 2008   (text in Danish)

  • Photos from Guatemala in February / March 2008   (text in Danish)

  • Landscapes of Bulgaria, especially for nature lovers. Photos from a trek in the Rila/Pirin mountains in June, 2007 + from Plovdiv

  • Photos from Gomera Island in Jan / Feb 2007   (text in Danish)

  • Photos from Beijing in China in autumn, 2006   (text in Danish)

  • Photos from Lake Baikal in Siberia in autumn, 2006

  • Photos from Moscow in Russia in autumn, 2006   (text in Danish)

  • Landscapes of Toscana - Photos from a trekking holiday in Alpi Alpuane in northern Italy in May, 2006

  • Landscapes of Tenerife - photos from a trip to The Canary Islands in January/February, 2006

  • Landscapes of The Azores - photos from a trip to S. Miguel in August/September, 2005

  • Landscapes of Scandinavia - photos from a trip to Norway in August, 2005

  • Landscapes of Denmark. Digital photos from the Danish countryside

  • Photos from Paris, May 2005

  • Photos from Egypt Feb/Mar 2005

  • Photos from Gambia and Senegal, Feb 2004

  • Photos from trekking in High Atlas in Morocco, Sept/Oct 2003

  • Photos from Nepal Himalaya

  • Photos from Indonesia

  • Photos from Australia

  • Photos from Thailand

  • Photos from East Africa

  • Photos from Eastern Greenland

  • Images from the Hippie Trail. A photo gallery story about
    my overland trip from Copenhagen Central Station to Kathmandu in Nepal

  • Images from Israel and Sinai

  • Photos from Madeira, september 2002

  • Photos from Tallinn in Estonia, september 2003   (text in Danish)

  • Photos from Øland in Sweden, aug 2004   (text in Danish)

  • Images from Copenhagen in Denmark (digital photos)

  • Photos from Møns Klint in Denmark - one of the most impressive natural sceneries in my country   (text in Danish)

  • Photos from the new trekking route at Stevns Klint in Denmark   (text in Danish)

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