Images from Israel and Sinai

Images from Israel and Sinai

Text and photos: Erik Pontoppidan, Copenhagen, Denmark
Copyright: Erik Pontoppidan

I have been working in a kibbutz in Israel two times, in 1972 and 1973, for a period of altogether 4 months. Staying and working there was a good experience, which I will never forget. In the seventies, not many people in Europe asked critical questions about visiting Israel because the political climate of The Middle East was different from today. So staying in a kibbutz became part of the education of students and others from everywhere. Young people from all the world spent weeks and months working in the banana, orange, grape and avocado fields, and most of them had a great time. If your normal, daily work is at an office or at a desk, harvesting bananas and oranges is a refreshing change, and that was the reality for thousands of young travellers in that period.

I stayed in Kibbutz Cabri (Kibbutz Kabri), close to the town of Nahariya in the north. Our rooms were quite basic, but the most important was the social life and the great experience we got there. Several lasting friendships were created in a positive atmosphere (when travelling, you often meet the best features of other people!), and after our return, many of us had achieved a knowledge of the region, which turned out to be useful for the rest of our lives.

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1-4: From Kibbutz Cabri in northern Israel.
In the seventies, volunteers from all the world tried the kibbutz life for a shorter or longer period. Most of them worked in the fields. The standard of our houses was quite basic (we called this part of the kibbutz "The Ghetto"!), but the most important was the social life and the great experience we got there.

1: From the city wall of Jerusalem.
2-4: One of my best trekking experiences was a 4-wheel, 5-day-trip in the Sinai Desert. We slept in the desert sand and spent the day driving around in the beatiful nature and incredible colours of the Sinai peninsula, culminating with the climb of Mount Sinai.
2: From the Dahab Oasis at The Red Sea in Sinai. In the sixties and seventies, Dahab was a popular destination for hippies.
3-4: Our vehicles were very old but very effective in the desert sand.

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