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Text and photos: Erik Pontoppidan, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Summer in The Frederiksberg Garden, near central Copenhagen.

The best way to see Copenhagen is on foot or on bicycle during the summer months. In this way, the town will reveal some of its most charming aspects to you: The beautiful site close to the sea, the long, bright nights, the numerous historical buildings with an exciting past, the flourishing cafés and restaurants, the colorful parts of the town with an exotic and ethnic atmosphere, the refreshing green parks. And even incarnated Copenhageners never get tired of visiting Tivoli, placed in the city center and known as one of the world's most beautiful amusement parks.

I have been staying my whole life in Copenhagen, and I am proud of my city. I hope this page will explain some of my enthusiasm.

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1. Sunset at "Søerne", a row of charming lakes very close to the city center.
2. Vintage orchestra at "Kastellet", a beautiful historical site near the harbour of Copenhagen.
3-4: From "Kastelsvolden" a historical site at the port of Copenhagen.

1. Summer on Vesterbrogade, close to the main entrance of Tivoli.
2. Rush hours at Copenhagen Central Station.
3. Sunset at the Tycho Brahe Planetary.
4. Café life on Frederiksberg Alle.

1-3: The Frederiksberg Garden is a wonderful breathing-hole in Copenhagen, with tall, old trees, an old palace and big lawns. The garden is a unique place and a beloved picnic spot for the Copenhageners during the summer time. One of my favourite habits at night is sitting on the grass in front of the palace, eating my dinner basket with a good bottle of white wine, watching life.

4-5: Icy winter in central Copenhagen.

1-4: From Tivoli - a wonderful place to visit during the bright summer nights in central Copenhagen.

1-2: From Tivoli. Photo nr. 2 shows the main entrance of Tivoli at Christmas.
3: Summer night on The City Square (Rådhuspladsen) in the center of Copenhagen.
4: From Christianshavn with its charming canals.

1-2: From Nyhavn in central Copenhagen. From the first signs of spring to the late autumn, the outdoor cafés and the harbour area around Nyhavn are crowded whenever the weather is pleasant.
3: From the harbour near The Langelinie Quai in central Copenhagen. During the summer months, gigantic cruise ships visit the town, and thousands of passengers make the capital of Denmark on a quick one-night-sightseeing-trip.
4: From Islands Brygge in central Copenhagen. This quai has been been renewed recently with very succesful results. One of the popular new creations is a public swimming-pool in the heart of the city (right).

1-4: From the tower of Our Saviour's Church.

The spire of Our Saviour's Church in Copenhagen is a unique and adventurous construction! It was built between 1748 and 1752, which makes its spiral stairway even more incredible considering its age of more than 250 years. As the Danish architect Lauritz de Thurah in 1748 projected a spire to Our Saviour's Church in the Christianshavn area, he created a piece of architecture which is regarded as a masterpiece of the baroque.

Thurah succeeded to convince the new Danish King Frederik V that this untraditional spire would cast glory upon the king's reign. His proposal was accepted, and the construction of the new spire of Our Saviour's Church was completed in 1752. Ever since, this work has been loved by all Copenhageners.

Between April and October, everybody with a good health without vertigo may climb the stairs to the top at an altitude of about 90 meters. From here, you have a marvellous view of Copenhagen and the neighbouring sea.

1: One of the most known and photographed monuments of Denmark: The Litte Mermaid! And in the background, another VERY national symbol: The royal yacht!
2-3: From the boat between Copenhagen and Oslo.
Every night, a gigantic ship leaves Copenhagen, heading for Oslo in Norway. The trip takes 16 hours and offers impressive natural sceneries from the sea. Especially the final part through the Oslo Fjord is beautiful. Besides, having about 12 decks, the ship offers you something comparable to a big amusement park, whith plenty of restaurants, bars, cafés, discoteques, etc. Many Danes take the return trip just for fun, making a cheap and relaxed mini-cruise. The two photos are from the start of the trip near Copenhagen.

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