Landscapes of Scandinavia
Landscapes of Scandinavia

Photos from a trip to Norway in august, 2005

Text and photos: Erik Pontoppidan, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copyright: Erik Pontoppidan

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When talking about natural sceneries, Norway is among the world's most beautiful countries.

Several westerners travel to the bottom of the world in search of the ultimate landscape. And believe it or not, but quite often, you will meet nature-loving backpackers and other frequent travellers from Europe, who have visited Nepal, South America and New Zealand, but not Norway! Some of the reasons for that might be the high price level, the non-exotic culture and the climate. However, if you like unspoiled nature ideal for trekking and skiing, bright summer-nights and deep fjords carving their long way between the mountains, you should definitely go to Norway at least once!

I have visited Norway several times, and the photos below are from a trip to southern Norway (and a few from southern Sweden) in August 2005. I hope they will reflect some of my enthusiasm.

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1-2: From the boat between Copenhagen and Oslo.
Every night, a gigantic ship leaves Copenhagen, heading for Oslo in Norway. The trip takes 16 hours and offers impressive natural sceneries from the sea. Especially the final part through the Oslo Fjord is beautiful. Besides, having about 12 decks, the ship offers you something comparable to a big amusement park, whith plenty of restaurants, bars, cafés, discoteques, etc. Many Danes take the return trip just for fun, making a cheap and relaxed mini-cruise. The two photos are from the start of the trip near Copenhagen.

3-4: From our small guest hut at Haukeliseter, south of the high plateau Hardangervidda.

1: View from Hardangervidda near Haukeliseter guest house. The extensive and desert high plateau of Hardangervidda in southern Norway is a graat area for trekking in summer.

2: The Norwegian waterfalls are really awesome! Here from Låtefossen near Otta in southern Norway.

3-4: From Sørfjorden near Lofthus, southern Norway. This fjord belongs to the inner parts of a huge network of waterways carving their way deep into the mountains of western Norway.
You may travel all the way to New Zealand and find a similar landscape, but I doubt it will be more impressive than here!

1: From our overnight camp near Ringøy north of Kinsarvik, southern Norway.

2-3: From Rallarvegen - a 28 km long gravel road running between Haugastøl and Finse in southern Norway.
Rallarvegen is running next to the incredible railway between Bergen and Oslo, built in the beginning of the century. This railway climbs through tunnels, crossing the high mountains of Norway, offering awesome views and landscapes to its passengers. The original purpose of Rallarvegen was to provide access to the railway during its construction. Today, Rallarvegen is a popular tourist road for trekkers and cyclists.

4: From the lake at Sysendammen - an artificial lake south of the big ice cap named Hardangerjøkulen (in the background).

1: Wood church at Gol, southern Norway. Churches of this kind were built already in the middle ages, and a few of them still exist. However, this one is a rebuilt copy.

2-3: From Trollhättan in southern Sweden.
Trollhättan in southern Sweden is the town of water. And I love the place, mainly because of the sluices. To me, they have a magic attraction. Watching large ships being raised or lowered 32 meters during a few minutes really impresses me. You can watch the whole process by visiting the sluice area at any time of the day because big and small ships arrive continuously day and night. Small sailors and large trade ships heading for or leaving the big freshwater lake Vänern. And when the water level is changed, you can hear a thundering sound from the underground!
Photo nr. 2 is from the town center of Trollhättan. Photo nr. 3 is from the nice and friendly youth hostel of the town.

4: From the coast of the Kattegat sea on a warm and pleasant August day at an idyllic bay south of Falkernberg, southern Sweden.

The photos on this page are taken with a Canon G2 digital camera. In order to reduce the download time, the size and the data of the photos are strongly reduced compared to the originals, and this has inevitably reduced the technical quality, too. However, all photos may be delivered in full size and quality for use in books, magazines, papers, etc. The price is 70 Euro per picture.

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