Photos from Egypt

Photos from Egypt
Photos & text: Erik Pontoppidan, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Copyright: Erik Pontoppidan

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Felukka trip on the Nile near Aswan

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1-4: From Cairo.
Visiting the capital of Egypt for the first time is an overwhelming experience to most people. The city is enormous, dusty, chaotic, with people and cars everywhere. However, if you go beyond the surface, your relation to Cairo may develop into an affection for your life. Today, the total number of inhabitants of Cairo is between 15 and 20 millions! There are people everywhere, and on every street corner there are vendors of fruit, papers, food and second-hand stuff. People are literally hanging out of the over-crowded buses and battered taxies, and everywhere, you hear the oriental, arabic music.
From the the noise and pollution of Cairo, there is not a long way to the tranquility of the desert and the rural atmosphere. And in addition to the hustle and bustle of the inhabitants, the city offers hundreds of interesting sights.

1: From the local Nile river boat in central Cairo.
2: Shop in Shari el Tahrir, central Cairo.
3: From the big souk Khan el Khalili in islamic Cairo
4: From a café in central Cairo

1-4: From the pyramids at Giza. Nr. 1-2 were taken in feb 2005, nr. 3-4 were taken in december 1975.
1-2: The big pyramids have always impressed visitors to Egypt, and they were already tourist attractions in the centuries before the birth of Christ.
3-4: Climbing the Kheops Pyramid in Egypt was one of my minor trekking experiences but definitely not the least interesting! I climbed it at my first visit to Egypt in 1975, but today, it's strictly forbidden to do any mountaineering here!

1-4: From our cruise between Luxor and Aswan in Feb/March 2005.
Nile cruises are getting increasingly popular, and for good reasons. During 5-7 days, you pass a wonderful landscape in a relaxing way with a high level of service, visiting some of the world's most impressive historical sites.

1: Sunset from the sun deck at our cruise.
2: From the great souk Khan el Khalili in central Cairo.
3: Spices from the souk in Aswan.
4: The local Nile ferry in Luxor.

1-4: From Aswan and surroundings.
1: Felukka on the Nile near Aswan.
2: The beautiful Libyan desert on the west side of Aswan.
3: From a Nubian village at the west bank of the Nile, near Aswan.
4: Lake Nasser is the world's biggest artificial water reservoir. After the new high dam was finished, this huge lake was created in the Nubian desert. The length of the lake is 500 kilometers southwards from the dam.

1-2: Walking along the ancient trail between the Hatshepsut Temple and the King's Valley, Luxor.
3: A good way to see the tombs, the temples and the local landscape at the Luxor west bank is to hire a bike. The scenery along the small roads among the fields has not changed much during the last 100 years.
4: The ancient village Deir el Medina at the west bank of Luxor was the living place of the artists, who decorated the graves in the King's Valley.

1-3: From the Philae Temple near Aswan.
4: Sunset after take-off from Luxor.


You will find hieroglyphs everywhere in Egypt, and their history is extremely fascinating. The first hieroglyphs were created more then 5.000 years ago, but when the ancient Egyptian empire disappeared, their signification was forgotten in centuries. As late as 1822, the key to the hieroglyphs was broken, and the story about how this was done is adventurous.

During my latest visit to Egypt in 2005, I bought a book about how to read the hieroglyphs, and the picture is from that book. The text is from an ancient tomb, and the English translation is:

"I have been roasting since the beginning of time - I have never seen the like of this goose"!

Source: How to read Egyptian hieroglyphs. A step-by-step guide to teach yourself. By Mark Collier and Bill Manley. The British Museum Press, 1998.

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